The Complete Cooking Experience

Perfect results in the kitchen seldom come from one type of heat. Just as the best cuisine is a combination of complementary ingredients, the best kitchens bring together the right appliances to give a chef absolute control.

Combine luxury cooking appliances to create a complete kitchen suite, giving true mastery of temperature.


Tasteful and considered design is a blend of form and function, where aesthetic and performance come together without compromise.

Fisher & Paykel cooking appliances allow absolute freedom of design expression, with styles and colors that become a bold centerpiece or take on the materiality of the kitchen.

Choose the style that brings your unique design vision to life.

The Mastery Of

The world of food is changing. Exposure to different cultures, flavors and ingredients is bringing rise to new cooking styles. While the way we experience and experiment with cooking evolves, the core cooking principles we use remain timeless.


While all heat cooks food, exceptional culinary creations come from a combination of the perfect heat source and the mastery of temperature.

Precision At Every Temperature

The ability to introduce the right heat source, at the right moment, held at the right temperature is the key to creating fine cuisine regardless of the culinary style.

The best kitchens are those that give the chef absolute control over heat at every temperature to achieve the perfect flavor and texture in a dish.


Melting chocolate without it becoming grainy calls for a gentle approach, heating the pan at a consistent temperature below body heat. Induction cooking is ideal for maintaining a perfect 89°F melt.




Baking Ingredients on Top of Induction Cooktop and Black Countertop.

Induction Cooktops


Open Single Shelved Oven with a Tray of Steamed Broccoli.



Open Multi Shelved Oven with a Tray of Lamb and Roasted Potatoes.


Cook with the flexibility, accuracy and uniformity of convection for even heat that allows several components to be prepared in the same oven simultaneously, or bake on multiple shelves with consistency from left to right, and front to back.


Combining the different principles of heat delivery – convection, radiant and conduction – across the suite of kitchen appliances brings flexibility and precision to cooking, helping to get the most out of your ingredients.

Through our human-centered design approach and expertise in creating appliances that intuitively match your needs, Fisher & Paykel cooking appliances deliver exceptional results across every heat type.


Be it hot air from within the oven, steam or boiling water, convection is cooking through the movement of heat.


Through the power of the broiler or the speed of microwaves, radiated heat cooks quickly without direct contact with the food.


Whether a chicken breast sizzling on a skillet or chocolate melting in a saucepan, conduction happens when food is heated through direct contact with a hot surface.

Cooking Combinations
to Match Your Lifestyle

The right combination of cooking appliances gives freedom of expression in the kitchen, whether creating a three course meal for a dinner party, catering for entertaining groups of friends, or cooking a nutritious dinner for the family on a busy weekday.

Bring together a cooking suite that matches your lifestyle and the way you cook and entertain.




甚至和精确的热量分布entire cavity means roasts are cooked perfectly no matter where they are placed in the oven, and every cookie in the batch across multiple shelves is baked to a beautiful golden brown.

Refined Cooking

通过结合蒸汽,标准对流和精密饼干的优势,为最优质的餐厅提供令人印象深刻的菜肴。拼住烹饪套件了解完美的结果,成为自制面包的厚壳,烤羊肉掉下来,或新鲜的Al Dente Pasta。